New Touch My Katamari Trailer Shows Gameplay, Billiards Pro?

Touch My Katamari is the PlayStation Vita installment of the long-running Katamari Damacy series. A new trailer released today shows some of the features of the game, some gameplay footage, and a man called The World’s Greatest Billiards Pro slowly turning into the Prince of All Cosmos.

The trailer shows new gameplay features for the new Katamari, including the ability to squeeze a Katamari to make it narrow or stretch the Katamari to expand to it. Both are accomplished via squeezing and stretching motions on the rear touch pad. Players can use the Vita’s touch screen to roll the Katamari or use traditional analog stick controls to do so.

The game will feature “candy” that can be earned via mission completion or challenging a friend’s time. Candy can be exchanged for King of All Cosmos “fashion items” or music. The trailer also mentions that the game will receive unspecified DLC.

Touch My Katamari will be a PlayStation Vita launch title, arriving on February 22nd, 2012.