Hideo Kojima Wants a Zone of the Enders 3 as Much as Fans Do

While Hideo Kojima is mostly famed for his work in the Metal Gear series, some fans also love him for the Zone of the Enders franchise. A Zone of the Enders HD Collection is currently in development, but some have argued that it simply isn’t enough, and that we need a third installment that takes advantage of modern hardware capabilities. Thankfully, Hideo Kojima shares that same enthusiasm.

When Hideo Kojima was asked by GamerFitNation if he plans to make a Zone of the Enders 3, he replied (roughly translated from Japanese):

We would like to make Zone of The Enders 3 just as the fans do, but we don’t have the manpower required to make such a game.

He continued:

However, we do have a good platform for a Zone of the Enders 3 with the proprietary Fox Engine. So once we do have the staff required, we would be very excited to make this game which many fans have been asking for.

By the time such a project would be in the realm of possibility, given Kojima’s busy schedule, the PlayStation 4 will likely be nearing development completion. As such, Zone of the Enders 3 could be a title that releases around the time the console launches to beef up its library. Until then, we’ll be stuck replaying the first two originals, which were outstanding in their own right, after they re-release in HD Collection form sometime in 2012.