Kojima Assures 60 Frames Per Second For Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

VGA 2011 ended with a bang last night with a brand new trailer from Hideo Kojima for Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. Since the last time we heard of the project, many things have changed; it has a new title, a new developer and a new storyline. However, the changes do not end there. Just like the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, the title will run 60 frames per second. This puts an end to fans’ concern regarding framerate issues.

Hideo Kojima tweeted earlier today confirming the news. Andriasang translated the tweet which says:

The old Rising that was being prototyped at Kojima Productions looked visually like Metal Gear, but it was 30 frames per second and required complicated controls. I made one request of Platinum: A cool Raiden who moves nice and smooth at 60 frames per second.

The announcement of Platinum Games as the new developer for the game confused many people, but Kojima also addressed that confusion via Twitter:

When entrusting the next title to the Kojima Productions staff, I’m always told ‘For the fans, it’s no good if it’s not the director’s Metal Gear.’ [The Director meaning Kojima]. This isn’t the case, though. Saying ‘If it’s a spinoff can it bit done?’, I entrusted the old Rising to the young staff. However, I feel certain that if their Rising had been released to the world, there would have been many people who felt, ‘This isn’t Metal Gear.’

Well, there you go, Hideo Kojima himself assuring you that Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is indeed the real deal. Hopefully we get updates more regularly now that “the truth” has come out. Keep an eye on PSLS in the next few days as the game’s official site promises more details.