Lumines: Electronic Symphony Confirmed for PlayStation Vita Launch?

December 12, 2011Written by Nick Michetti

According to comments made by a Q Entertainment Producer, Lumines: Electronic Symphony will be available at Vita’s launch, just as Lumines was for PSP.

Q Entertainment producer James Mielke has tweeted that Lumines: Electronic Symphony will be available at launch:

Off to the airport, back to Japan. LUMINES Electronic Symphony for PS VITA streets on February 22, 2012. Get your wishlist on.

Mielke then discussed what territories that Q Entertainment is trying to make the game available in on that date:

@Drew_Bullock February 22nd is definitely not the street date of PS VITA in Japan. North America/Europe is our target. Japan shortly after.

PlayStation Vita will launch in North America and Europe on February 22, 2012.