Vita Technology Allows for “More Control Than Ever” Says Uncharted: Golden Abyss Developer

With Naughty Dog announcing The Last of Us, the future of the Uncharted series is questionable, but thankfully Bend Studios is currently working on Uncharted: Golden Abyss for the PlayStation Vita. Many are expecting it to be what we’ve seen before from the series but on a mobile platform, but Bend Studios’ Creative Director thinks it has qualities that make it completely unique thanks to the Vita’s technology.

Bend Studios’ John Garvin explained the following on the latest PlayStation Blog update:

Because the PS Vita is the first device that combines two analog sticks, a Sixaxis motion sensor and a touchscreen, we realized we could create a universal aiming system with fine-tuned controls that would be impossible on any other system. Core aiming still works best on the analog sticks: in over-the-shoulder mode, players still use the left stick to adjust Drake’s position and the right stick to adjust his aiming reticule – just as you would expect in any modern console game. But PS Vita adds a third input: you can can rotate your hands to subtly fine tune the reticule’s placement. Having everything on the same controller creates a synergy between your eyes, your thumbs and your hands that feels natural: use the sticks to aim at an enemy, use the motion sensor to aim at his head.

He continued:

We call it Intu-aim, as opposed to auto-aim, because the player is in complete control. In fact, the player has more control than he’s ever had before. We think this mechanic will change the way shooters are played.

Touchscreens have been a standard for many mobile devices, primarily cell phones, for years now, but the use of analog sticks and a highly sensitive screen could have a huge impact on the user experience. Having precise control on a handheld has really never been done before, but the Vita just might have what it takes to offer the competitive console experience within a mobile platform.

A trailer of Uncharted: Golden Abyss was released in japan less than two weeks ago, and it shows off the pretty visuals, new characters, and the epic control scheme that John Garvin was talking about. Be sure to watch it in our video section.