Metal Gear Solid 4 Was Tailored Specifically for MGS Fans, Says Hideo Kojima

It’s impossible to ignore Metal Gear Solid 4 even after all of these years. It was the most hyped game of the PlayStation 3 since its announcement, and many consider it to be the first true system seller of the platform. Hideo Kojima had fans of the series in mind when he made the title, and shared his thoughts on how he incorporated fanfare in a recent interview.

When speaking about the most memorable moments in gaming history, Hideo Kojima was contacted by NowGamer for his work in Metal Gear Solid 4, where he commented the following:

MGS4 is a game that I created for hardcore MGS fans who have known and loved the series since MGS1. Therefore, I wanted players to recall their memories of playing MGS1 and to look back on how they matured together with the series.

Who can forget the references Metal Gear Solid 4 made to previous titles in the saga, and especially the entirety of Chapter 4? I vividly remember hearing the song “The Best is Yet to Come” as I entered Shadow Moses for my first time in 10 years. Never before had I felt emotion overwhelm me so much from something fictional, but it was real to me. Seeing the same areas, but in gorgeous high-definition, along with the theme song of the original title evoked déjà vu from my mind, where I remembered the weeks I spent playing the game in middle school. It was around this time (shortly after the PS1 came out) that I began really enjoying video games for my first time, which is something that a lot of people can agree with. Kojima’s ability to utilize these moments in such a powerful way without getting in the way of storytelling is something special, and while only people with previous Metal Gear experience were able to enjoy it at that capacity, the game’s other values made it tasteful for anyone who didn’t understand the references.