EA Sports FIFA Soccer Packs Plenty of Features for Soccer On The Go, Coming This February

EA Sports FIFA Soccer isn’t just a handheld game in your pocket. EA is trying to bring a full-fledged console installment of soccer/football directly your pocket with the PlayStation Vita and they’ve outlined the number of features they’ve added to the game to make that possible.

FIFA offers front and rear touch controls that are completely optional. Touch Screen Shooting (rear touch pad) is said to offer pinpoint accuracy. Touch Screen Passing offers “more creative, precision passing” which enables players to dispute the ball and make decisive passes. Touch Screen Free Kick Control (front touch screen) allows players to aim and “curl the shot around the wall.”

The game has over 500 officially licensed clubs for players to compete in 11 vs. 11 matches with in authentic stadiums.

FIFA Career Mode is in, allowing players to be a real or created player and make their way to player-manager and manager. Conversely, they can start at the top and play through a 15 season career.

The game also has Head-to-Head Online Play, a Training Mode, How To Be A Goalkeeper, and more. No further details were offered on these modes.

To see the game in action, click the video below:

To see screenshots of the game, check out the gallery below:

EA Sports FIFA Soccer will be available for the PlayStation Vita “in February” to both the US and Europe.