Ed Boon Endorses More Horror Movie Characters in Mortal Kombat

Nearly everyone had an opinion on who to add to Mortal Kombat when its development team mentioned DLC shortly after the game’s launch. Most veterans wished for returning characters from the series, but NetherRealm Studios had other plans which led to Freddy Krueger being implemented as the third and final DLC character. While his addition caused plenty of controversy, it was successful enough to warrant a new trend for the series.

While speaking to GameFitNation, Ed Boon shared that he was happy with Freddy Krueger’s implementation in Mortal Kombat. So happy, in-fact, that his team would like to make similar additions in future game releases. As mentioned during an interview, Ed Boon said:

We were really throwing around a bunch of names. Freddy Krueger was the last of the DLC characters. If we had known that it would have done as well as it did, we would have added more.

More horror characters? The possibilities are endless! Ed Boon ended enthusiastically with the following line:

Ash and Jason for the next one.

He did mention that both Ash from Evil Dead and Jason from Friday the 13th were strong candidates for implementation in the latest Mortal Kombat, but were beaten out by Freddy’s nation-wide reputation. But hey, there’s always next time, and Ed Boon appears to support that possibility.