PS3 Tops 400,000 Sales in Poland

Sony often boasts that, while the 360 might lead in the US, the PlayStation brand is stronger in Europe, with the PS3 ahead in most European countries. Unfortunately, without a unified tracking body like the NPD, it can be hard to know just how well the console sells in Europe, but Sony has now announced the PS3’s sales in Poland.

Marcin Ziobrowski, head of SCE Poland said (translated):

PlayStation 3 is our greatest success in Poland. We have had sensational sales of both PS3 games and accessories, as well success with the ever-growing popularity of network services the PlayStation Network. At the moment, we have more than 500,000 Polish accounts on PSN. Sales over 200,000 PS Move units and more than 100,000 sales of Sports Champions show us the great potential of the Polish market and the popularity of the PlayStation brand in our country. Everyone at SCE Poland would like to thank our users and we promise that 2012 will bring many exciting events in the world of PlayStation with the launch of the PlayStation Vita, a new generation of mobile entertainment!

The amount of Move and Sports Champions (it was not bundled with the Move in Europe) sales in relation to the amount of consoles is particularly impressive, showing that the motion controller might have built up a decent install base after all.