Sorcery Shows Why Move is the Best Motion Controller in the Industry Says Sony

The PlayStation Move might be a year old and without a killer app, but that could change very soon. Sorcery, arguably the most anticipated Move title since the peripheral’s announcement, is set for a release in Spring. There are high expectations for the title, and Sony is expecting it to be the first game to show why the Move is the best motion control technology in the industry.

While speaking to IndustryGamers, Creative Director Brian Upton shared his enthusiasm for PlayStation Move, and stated the following:

I think this title [Sorcery] does an excellent job of showing what makes Move a better and different system than other motion controls that are out there. It’s tighter, it’s cleaner, it’s more precise – I don’t think you could do a game like this on either Kinect or Wii. I don’t think technically they’d be able to support this kind of gameplay.

While aggressive, his statement holds weight. The Move has been touted for having a high level of technology that has never fully been tapped into, and offers precision that hardcore gamers look for, and competing products are simply unable to provide. Here are some facts, Sorcery will use the Unreal Engine 3, will allow players to use over 12 different types of upgradeable magic using the Move controller, all within a large RPG world. This is a game with tons of potential, and while it has been quiet since its debut at E3 2010, it might just be what Move owners are looking for.

If you’d like to see more of Sorcery, check out the release window announcement article to see more information along with screenshots and a video.