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Lawsuit over Final Fantasy XI Fees Dismissed

A class action lawsuit filed on behalf of Esther Leong, a Final Fantasy XI player, has been dismissed. The lawsuit alleged that Square Enix did not accurately disclose the game’s monthly fees, character slot fees & late penalties on the game’s packaging.

The case was dismissed by the 9th Circuit Court of appeals this past Tuesday after being filed over 2 years ago. Originally, Ms. Leong was seeking $5 million dollars in damages on behalf of all FFXI subscribers.

Deputy General Counsel of Square Enix Steve Ross said in a press release:

We are very pleased with the Court’s ruling. We feel vindicated since many of the allegations were patently false. We only wish plaintiffs had contacted our dedicated customer support for assistance before resorting to a lawsuit. Square Enix will defend itself against baseless litigation.

The MMORPG released in 2002 in Japan on PlayStation 2 and Windows PC, and came to the US in 2003 for PC and 2004 for PS2. In 2006, Square Enix released an Xbox 360 version in both North America and Japan.