PlayStation Vita to Receive Two New Apps Next Year

The PlayStation Vita has a couple of applications accessible from the device’s LiveArea user interface, including apps for Trophies, Friends, Music, Photos and more. A new report today claims that the Vita is going to receive two more applications next year.

At the Asia Game Show in Hong Kong, Sony had a number of games on display, in addition to some new apps for the PlayStation Vita. The first app is called Wake-up Club. Wake-up Club is an alarm clock app that can alert players when they’re playing games on Vita or performing various other activities on the handheld. The app is network-enabled, meaning that “wake up messages” can be sent to other users. The report also suggests that the app is Trophy ready.

The other application is called Picture Park, which enables users to draw on the touch screen. The app also allows for users to “scribble over their pictures,” to send their pictures to other players using ad-hoc, and a Contest Mode where users are asked to draw pictures based on a theme and then other users vote on them.

Both apps are scheduled for release in early 2012, but haven’t been announced for other regions. The PlayStation Vita releases in North America and Europe on February 22, 2012.