Take a Peep at Compile Heart’s Upcoming SRPG, Infinite Souls

If you’re a fan of Disgaea, particularly its art style, then there’s something to look forward to next year. Compile Heart, who you might remember from Hyperdimension Neptunia, Record of Agarest War and Cross Edge, are currently working on an anime-flared strategy RPG titled Infinite Souls. We’re sure you’ll like to see how it looks, and thankfully we have nearly a dozen screenshots ready for viewing pleasure.

Check out the latest Infinite Souls screenshots below, which include photos of some of the characters and gameplay you’ll encounter:

With plenty of strategy elements, turn-based gameplay and the use of objects on the battlefield environments, this is sure to be a game that is attractive to SRPG fans, and brings some flavor of its own. While it’s only currently scheduled for a release in Japan, which is set for March 22, it’ll likely follow Disgaea‘s international footsteps if its successful.