ModNation Racers: Road Trip’s New Career Mode Revealed, Screenshots

January 9, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

Sony kart racing franchise ModNation Racers is zooming on over to the PlayStation Vita in the form of ModNation Racers: Road Trip. Road Trip is no port, though, as SCE San Diego Studios has already detailed changes to the weapons system and has now revealed the game’s new Career Mode.

MNR:RT‘s Career Mode divides the game’s 25+ tracks into five tours of five races each. The Career Mode has a learning curve which introduces players to new elements like the new drifting and boosting systems, new weapons systems, and the basics of using or avoiding props or attacks on tracks. Game challenge increases via intensifying courses and strategic use of item and prop placements.

A new feature for the game’s Career Mode which may be welcomed by MNR veterans is Tour Points. Races in previous MNR games have asked players to pull off some very specific feats to progress to new races in Career Mode. Now, players can earn Tour Points, which give them more flexibility to progress in Career Mode and can be earned when retrying races as well.

In addition to the game’s five tours, though, there is a Bonus Tour, which can be earned by winning Tour 5 and passing a set of Cumulative Stats requirements (which are listed in Image 3 of the Media Gallery below).

A breakdown of what the stats in Image 3 mean is listed below:

  • Drift Distance: Total distance you have drifted while playing through the career tracks.
  • Shortcut Uses: Shortcut paths, alternate routes or other breadcrumb paths you’ve found and used on the tracks.
  • Target Time Differential: The cumulative time you’ve finished the career tracks faster than the target times.
  • Weapons Expert: Total number of opponents you’ve attacked with weapons and the weapon attacks you’ve shielded.
  • Item Use: Total number of weapon pods collected and boost pads used.

To view images from MNR:RT‘s Career Mode, click on the Media Gallery below:

ModNation Racers: Road Trip is scheduled to arrive on the PlayStation Vita’s launch day, February 22nd.

[Source: PS Blog]