ModNation Racers: Road Trip to Receive Upgrades for Racing Gameplay; New Screenshots Released

The upcoming PlayStation Vita installment of the ModNation Racers series, ModNation Racers: Road Trip, isn’t just going to be a ModNation game on the go. The handheld racer will feature a number of upgrades to the core racing gameplay.

The first improvement to the game is in drifting. Drifting isn’t just about building the boost meter so that it can be used for a turbo boost or protection from weapons or hazards anymore (but to what extent isn’t made clear). Karts will be easier to control during drifts and players will be able to “carve and progressively link drifts together” without having to worry about losing control or going off of the track.

The new MNR will also see fewer “dead stops” from opponent attacks and a new auto-correct for the controls that will make getting back into the race after an odd jump or accidentally slam into a wall.

The game also has a refined braking system that will allow players to adjust steering controls during a drift, which doesn’t stop or cancel the drift.

Finally, Vita players who race on PS3 user-generated tracks will be able to use all of the gameplay upgrades on those tracks.

Check out two screenshots of the game below:

ModNation Racers: Road Trip is in development for PlayStation Vita. The title has been confirmed as a European Vita launch title.