UFC Undisputed 3 Trailer Shows Fighters, Features

In your best Bruce Buffer voice, make your whole house shake with the familiar call, “Iiiiiiiiit’s…TIME!” A brand new trailer for the PS3’s UFC Undisputed 3 has emerged, confirming important fighters on the game’s roster and showing a little bit of what to expect.

Under some jazzy violin music, we can see the current champions in each weight class as well as some fighters who may have been question marks, such as retirees Chuck Liddell and much more recently, Brock Lesnar. Also included were fighters from the recent WEC absorption and Strikeforce acquisition, such as Ben Henderson and Dan Henderson (no relation). In all, 150 fighters will appear in the game. At this time, it’s not clear whether Strikeforce fighters who have not fought in the UFC, such as Gilbert Melendez or Luke Rockholt, will make it into the game. The game is confirmed to contain all current UFC weight classes, including the newly added 145-pound and 135-pound divisions.


Look for UFC Undisputed 3 for PlayStation 3 on shelves in February.