2D Platformer Zack Zero Coming To PSN Tomorrow, Trailer Released

January 16, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

Crocodile Entertainment’s 2D platformer Zack Zero, after already launching on the European PSN, is coming to the North American PlayStation Network for PS3 tomorrow. They’ve released a new trailer for the title’s launch that shows some of its gameplay.

Zack Zero is a 2D platformer with 3D graphics that stars the hero of the same name trying to save his beloved Marlene from a villain known as Zulrog, who is determined to obtain a substance that will help him travel back in time.

The game features:

  • Up to 30 different enemies and 5 bosses.
  • Varied environments, such as the wild territories of Planet Zulrog, deep caverns, lava lakes, and an enemy prison.
  • A suit for Zack that has over 10 abilities and enables him to use powers of fire, rock, and ice.
  • A level cap of 20 for Zack.
  • Puzzles that Zack will have to use his abilities to solve.
  • Hidden objects for collectors.
  • A story told in animated comics.
  • A real-time online ranking system that enables gamers to find the scores of their friends and beat them.

The trailer for the game shows Zack traversing some of the game’s environments, using his powers, and encountering some boss characters as well.

To view the launch trailer for Zack Zero, click on the video below:

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