Red Dead Developer Hiring For an “Open World” Title

Red Dead Redemption was a smash hit when it released back in early 2010, topping the charts and blowing critics away. Now, we’ve uncovered a job listing from the game’s developer, Rockstar San Diego, that shows that they are working on a new open world game with combat and pathfinding elements.

The listing is for an AI Programmer, and states (emphasis added):

Rockstar San Diego has an opening for a qualified AI programmer who is ready to help us create the best open world experiences, and push the limits of Artifical Intelligence in areas such as pathfinding, combat, and decision-making, with a particular eye towards making it all look believable to the player.

San Diego also developed the award-winning open world racing series, Midnight Club, but because the AI position involves combat it’s highly unlikely they’re talking about a new racer.

Considering the success of Redemption, it makes sense for the studio to be creating Red Dead Redemption 2 (or a differently named Red Dead), but what would you like to see from the developer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.