Mortal Kombat Vita Exclusive Features Revealed

Ed Boon has revealed some of the exclusive features to be found on the PlayStation Vita version of Mortal Kombat when it releases this Spring.

While speaking with the PlayStation Blog, Mortal Kombat co-creator and head of NetherRealm Studios Ed Boon talked about some of the ways Mortal Kombat will take advantage of the Vita’s touchscreen and other functionality.

Boon revealed that everything from the PlayStation 3 version of the game will make it into the Vita version, including the DLC characters, story mode, and challenge tower. However, the game will only feature one-on-one multiplayer matches over Wifi and Ad-hoc. No tag team or eight-player matches will be there.

The game runs at a crisp 60 frames per second, and features touchscreen X-ray moves and fatalities, although they are optional. A second, entirely new 150-challenge challenge tower has been added, focusing on the Vita’s touch and tilt functionality. New “Test your” mini-events have been added again putting focus on the Vita’s touchscreen, accelerometer and gyro. Unfortunately, NetherRealms Studios opted not to utilize the rear-touch panel.

Mortal Kombat for the PlayStation Vita arrives some time this Spring.