Jaffe Explains Departure, Will Still Support TM, Talking About “Some Big, Huge Next Gen Game Ideas”

With God of War and Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe set to leave TM studio Eat Sleep Play, gamers were obviously concerned about what that meant for the upcoming racer and the renowned developer.

Jaffe has taken to Twitter to explain why he left and what his plans are now (tweets connected):

Sometime2Day I will clear up the whole casual games thing. Short ver: never say never but I have zero plans to make games like FARMVILLE and ANGRY BIRDS. I never said what I was doing post TM (and I’m still on TM along with ESP for the next months as we launch it and balance it in real time and make sure it’s a perfect game and continue to support it). At the same time I will be opening a game studio here in San Diego because I really miss internal game development. Happy to share more details later


But if I may clear this up: I was not laid off. I co-own the company. There were a few lay offs and they were very painful to do for all involved. I’m leaving because- again- games are just getting2big to direct from 300 miles away&I miss the day2day of working direct w/team.

I am still WITH ESP and have not left and will not leave until we get TM launched and stick around2balance&bug fix&tune (probanother 1.5-3 months). Still being paid with ESP paycheck,etc.

He then shared promising information about his potential ambitions for his next project:

But I WILL be leaving2start new game studio. Talking2peeps about some big, huge next gen game ideas I’d love for us2make, as well as cool stuff in the browser space (action oriented, gamer centric)& a few things in between. Once DICE wraps& game launches, it’s company building time!Any game devs that want to chat joining a new SD action game co, please gimme a shout! Talk soon! 🙂

While he does have some concepts, and is in talks, nothing is concrete:

I have no idea what game we’ll make yet. Could be iphone, could be next gen console. Have barely done ANYTHING w/new co yet. Slammed with TM- all this gets serious once TM is launched, tuned, and balanced. As of now- and for a bit- TM is priority.

He then explained why the 3-game deal Sony signed with Eat Sleep Play was no longer in effect:

It was 3 games OR 3 years and we’ve gone well beyond 3 years with TM :).

So what would you like Jaffe to work on? A huge next-gen project, or a bunch of smaller games? Share your thoughts in the comments below.