Medal of Honor 2 Set For GDC Reveal

EA has sent us an invite for an exclusive press event in San Fransisco that has the above logo for EA’s Medal of Honor series.

Last year during GDC, EA held a similar reveal for Battlefield 3, with Battlefield games and Medal of Honor games set to come alternately every year. As BF3 came out at the end of 2011, this year MOH will be trying its best to take on the annual COD. This news comes after PSM3 teased a mystery FPS sequel for reveal in March, so it’s pretty likely that the magazine was talking about Medal of Honor 2.

The ‘first’ Medal of Honor, a reboot of the classic franchise, received rather average reviews after it brought the series from World War Two to a modern setting for the first time.

GDC starts on March 5th, and we’ll be there covering the event live. The MOH reveal event starts at 8pm PST on March 6th, so be sure to tune into PSLS to find out more about the game the second it is revealed.