New Square Enix Game ‘Sleeping Dogs’ Announcement Leaks, Probably True Crime: Hong Kong

The same retailer that originally leaked LittleBigPlanet Karting has now also let slip details about a new Square Enix game, Sleeping Dogs, which is likely to be the new name for True Crime: Hong Kong.

Loose-lipped Canadian Game retailer Future Shop tweeted about their time at the retailer and publisher focused event Destination PlayStation (now removed):

#squareenix reveals #sleepingdogs August 2012. PS3, X360, PC. Pre-Order Soon.

They then attached the following picture:

Bot the Chinese-style tattoos that are reminiscent of True Crime: Hong Kong‘s early images, and the police badge strongly seem to suggest that the game is the new name for Hong Kong.

After being disappointed with the game’s quality, Activision stopped funding True Crime last year, causing many to the the United Front-developed open world crime-stopping game was never going to see a release. But Square Enix saw promise in the game from the ModNation studio, and bought the rights to the project a few months later. Activision only gave them the game, however, and not the rights to the True Crime franchise, which is why it would have to undergo a name-change.

We’ll be sure to update you with more news on the game, or on whether an official announcement will be made, so stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle.