Sports Champions, Deadmund’s Quest Dev Working on New PS3 Exclusive

Probably the best Move-only game out there, Zindagi Games’ Sports Champions highlighted just what the motion control was capable of. Their next release, Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest, sadly wasn’t as good, but still helped support the Move platform – something that Sony has had trouble doing. Now, we’ve uncovered a job listing that states that the developer is working on yet another PS3-exclusive, which is probably another Move game.

The job listing on Gamasutra is under the PS3 category, with Zindagi calling themselves a 2nd party studio and talking about their work with the Move, including a mention that the company worked on the motion controller “since its inception all the way through R&D and production.” Their site also says “We work with the PlayStation Move”, all of which suggests that the game is a Move title.

We uncovered a similar job listing early last year, with the game turning out to be November’s Deadmund’s Quest.

What would you like to see Zindagi develop? Sports Champions 2, Deadmund’s Next Quest or something else entirely? Share your thoughts in the comments below.