New Twisted Metal Video Teaches Players About Sidearms & Energy Attacks

Eat Sleep Play has released a new Twisted Metal video that explains how energy attacks and sidearms work in the upcoming car combat game.

The video begins by explaining that weapon pick-ups and vehicle special weapons have always been a part of the TM series, but in the new PS3 installment, gamers will need more than those to survive and win — they’ll need to master the game’s side arms and energy attacks. Energy attacks in TM are powerful tools and can be used for both offensive and defensive situations. Each energy attack is mapped to one of three directions on the directional pad (left, right, and up). Every time a player uses an attack, it will deplete his/her energy meter. Different attacks use different amounts of energy. Certain vehicles have their own energy depletion rate, depending on the attack. The energy bar regenerates over time. The rate of energy bar regeneration depends on which vehicle the player is using. As players play through TM‘s single player and multiplayer modes, they’ll be able to unlock new energy attacks. No energy attack is better than other — they all have their own pros and cons.

Up on the d-pad is the EMP Blast, which freezes hit enemies for a short period of time, making them vulnerable to attack. To escape an EMP Blast, players must continually mash the controller’s buttons. The speed of escape will be determined by the vehicle selected and how fast they mash the buttons. The Rear EMP is an unlockable version of the EMP. To release the Rear EMP, press up on the d-pad and Triangle at the same time and it will fire out of the rear of the vehicle. To use the Shield, press right on the d-pad. The Shield has the ability to block any incoming projectiles for a limited time. The Absorption Shield can be unlocked as well. To activate it, press right on the d-pad and Triangle. If a player is attacked with the Absorption Shield activated, he or she will gain the item he or she was hit with, in addition to launching a fully charged Stalker missile back at the attacker. If players are hit with a special weapon, they will gain one use of the special weapon. The Absorption Shield is blue (in contrast to the regular Shield, which is red) and lasts a shorter period of time than the regular Shield. Players should be aware of enemy equipped shield types before launching an attack.

Mines are deployed on the ground via left on the d-pad. Super Mines can be unlocked and used by pressing left on the d-pad and Triangle. Super Mines behave the same way as normal mines, but deplete more energy from players and do more damage to enemies than normal mines.

Players who can’t find a weapons pick-up should use a reliable sidearm. Players can fire their driver-controlled sidearms by pressing L2. Sidearms can be changed in single player by going to the campaign’s garage and at the vehicle select screen. In multiplayer, they can be changed at the vehicle select screen and at in-game respawn screens. Players start off with the machine gun, which has unlimited ammunition and a decent rate of fire. The Submachine Gun has a better rate of fire, but shoots in limited bursts, followed by a short pause between rounds. Sidearm reloading is automatic and the red box side arm icon in the player HUD will let him or her know when it’s been reloaded. The Shotgun side arm fires two strong blasts and can be fired quickly by holding down L2. One shell can be left in the barrel for future use by tapping L2 once quickly. Unlike the Shotgun pickup, the Shotgun sidearm is practically useless unless the player is right on top of his/her enemy. However, if the player can get close enough to their enemy for it to be effective, the Shotgun will prove to be one of the most powerful sidearms in the game.

The Magnum Pistol sidearm has six single shots in its clip. It has no homing, but is the most powerful sidearm in the game. The Swarmer sidearm allows players to fire a succession of rockets with one button press. The damage is moderate and the Swarmer takes the longest to reload of all of the sidearms, but the homing ability is second to none. The Mega Gun sidearm is a very fast and powerful hybrid weapon that is scattered throughout the world like a pick-up, but takes the place of the sidearm that players currently have. It comes equipped with 150 rounds of Mega Gun ammo, but players won’t be able to reload it. Once it’s gone, players will have to find another to replace it. Sidearm choices can be the difference between death and victory.

The trailer closes by saying that Twisted Metal may appear to be all about mayhem on the surface, but the players who understand the capabilities of each unique vehicle and master the game’s arsenal of weaponry will be the ones who are taking down the most players. In the new TM, it’s not enough to just be crazy — players have to be crazy and smart.

To view the “Twisted Metal University: Weapons Training” video, click below:

Twisted Metal will be released exclusively for PS3 on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.

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