EA & BioWare Release Mass Effect 3 Female Shepard Trailer [Spoilers]

EA and BioWare have released a new trailer highlighting female Commander Shepard, voiced by Jennifer Hale.

Warning: The trailer does contain footage of appearances from party members that some may not know — or may not want to know — are in the game, so we’ve marked the trailer description with darkened text to avoid spoiling those names. To see the names of the party members mentioned, highlight the darkened text areas.

The trailer begins with the Normandy firing missiles at an area under attack by Reapers. Anderson tells Shepard that any other soldier but her would’ve been tried, court martialed, and discharged after all of the things that she’s done. We then see Shepard sparring with Vega. She then asks Anderson if that’s the reason why they took away her ship as she looks down to a see a child playing, followed by footage of her climbing up a destroyed section of a building from a perilous height. Anderson tells her that no one’s seen what she’s seen, that she’s been in the trenches fighting, and that she knows what the Reapers are capable of. She’s then shown running towards an enemy and firing a pistol. Shepard and Liara are then seen falling to the ground as Mordin Solus stands in the background.

Footage of the Reapers moving towards Earth is shown, then Shepard is shown watching an attack unfold, followed by footage of the Normandy and other ships flying past a mass relay towards a planet. Someone asks “What do we do?” and Shepard is heard saying that she knows a thing or two about killing Reapers. Footage of Shepard onboard the Normandy behind Joker is then shown. She is seen in a room with a small platform lowering that shows a hologram/projection of Legion. She is then showing telling the Council that the war isn’t about strategy or tactics — it’s about survival. Then, Shepard narrowly avoids an explosion, followed by footage of Jacob firing his gun.  Cerberus mechs and soldiers then arrive and charge onwards. Someone in a shuttle yells that she’s hit, then Shepard announces that the Reapers are here as Liara and two others watch their arrival.

A scene of Shepard, Liara, Kaiden and various allies battling Cerberus troops and mechs is next. Shepard is then shown inside a shuttle with an enemy operative on top of it, who she quickly shoots to make him/her get off the vehicle. Next, Shepard crawls to get a weapon on a collapsing platform that quickly begins falling apart. Miranda tries to save her. A Reaper is then shown on a dark planet as the Normandy zooms past a planet. Ships are shown firing as Shepard fires a weapon from the open door of a shuttle. Anderson then tosses Shepard her dog tags and telling her that she’s reinstated. Shepard fires upon an enemy as Samara attacks a husk. She then is shown running from a Reaper and avoiding its attack. She then fires upon it with a powerful weapon, which appears to injure or kill it. The trailer closes with Shepard saying, “Tell your friends we’re coming for them.”

To see the “Female Shepard” trailer, click on the video below:

Mass Effect 3 releases for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on March 6th.