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Rumor: PlayStation Certified HTC Devices Coming in 2012

The fine folks at Pocket-Lint have uncovered some interesting information about upcoming HTC devices. A source has told the publication that HTC will be the first companies, outside of Sony Ericsson, to get PlayStation certification for its mobile devices. While Pocket-Lint has clearly deemed the source credible enough to write-up a story regarding this, we here at PSLS are putting this into the rumor category, as HTC has stated that they can’t “comment on rumors and speculation”.

Nevertheless, the idea of PlayStation certification being available for other platforms was announced at the Japanese launch of the PS Vita last year. In fact, Kaz Hirai, then Sony Computer Entertainment CEO and soon to be president and CEO of Sony Corporation, said “It expands the PlayStation experience beyond the PSP border. It is the first cross-platform endeavor.” So what does this mean for gamers everywhere? Well if HTC does in fact get PlayStation certification for its devices, it means that HTC tablet and phone owners will be able to play PlayStation certified products, such as PSOne classics, on their devices.

Certainly this sounds like a cool idea, but it remains to be seen whether this story turns out to be true. Perhaps Hirai can use this to help make good on his pledge to elevate the PlayStation brand. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Meanwhile, we’ll keep an eye on this and update the story should anything further come to light.