The PSLS Blobtacular Giveaway: Win Tales From Space: About a Blob

With Vita title Mutant Blobs Attack out next week, I’m sure you’re wondering “how can I find out if I like the idea of controlling super-hungry blobs?” as well as “where can I find the full wallpaper version of that awesome cat pic?” Don’t worry, we can answer all your question below.

We figured the best way to find out if you’re a fan of DrinkBox’s all-consuming blobs would be to try out the full version of the PSN title Tales From Space: About a Blob for free, so we’ve teamed up with the developer to give out 20 US codes for the game. To enter, all you have to do is retweet the following on Twitter or G+, and follow @PSLifeStyle and @DrinkBoxStudios before Friday, 5pm EST:

RT & follow @PSLifeStyle and @DrinkBoxStudios to win Tales From Space: About a Blob for PSN!

You can also enter by leaving a comment below, so be sure to double your chances by doing both. And, while you’re at it, enter our Resistance 3 OST giveaway and our Disgaea giveaway and our $20 PSN Podcast competition too (don’t we just spoil you?).

Now what about the cat pic? We’ve got a whole bunch of exclusive Mutant Blobs Attack wallpapers straight from DrinkBox to use on your computer or phone, so stay tuned to PSLS to see them all!

And that’s not all – we have another competition for the Disgaea fans amongst you set to be revealed shortly, just in case two competitions weren’t enough.

Update: And the winners are –


@bjohnsonRD2, @DemariusHughes, @qwikciphers, @Silverwootz, @FSNsaber, @Kraider93, @ArturoOlivo, @aznxchunky, @lastofus, @Mysticfail,


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