How To Quick-Mute The PlayStation Vita

So you’ve finally gotten rid of the horrible Vita menu music, and now you want to eliminate all other sounds by quickly muting your Vita. But how? Read on and all will be revealed.

On a lot of electronic devices, the way to quick mute is to hold down the minus button briefly, causing it to suddenly drop to zero. That can be great if you are trying to quick mute, but if you are just trying to reduce volume a little, it can be annoying for it to suddenly mute.

To solve this problem, the Vita’s fast mute system requires you to hold both – (minus) and + (plus) at the same time for about half a second, until the industry standard image of a muted speaker pops up at the top right:

This is a great way to quickly mute the Vita – say if you’re trying not to wake someone as you resume your WipEout 2048 race – and simply pressing + or – once will return the Vita’s volume to it’s pre-mute state, rather than requiring you to hold down + and rise from the bottom.

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