Exclusive Vita Screens: BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend

Developer Arc System Works and publisher Aksys Games have let yet another fighter loose upon the North American market with BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend. I’ve been playing it like mad and am preparing a review for PlayStation LifeStyle that will go live before the Vita’s full launch. To hold you off before that time, here are a bunch of screenshots I capped from within the game — over 80 images total.

Since you’re probably already familiar with the fighting itself, a lot of these screenshots come from within the game’s detailed Story Mode. I tell ya, I went into this expecting to have a very quick get-in-get-out review on my hands…10 days ago. This game’s Story Mode is long, deep, and detailed, to say nothing of the online play, Arcade Mode (pretty much standard for any fighter, right?), Abyss Mode, and other features. There’s a lot of game here.

Well I’ll stop spoiling the positivity that will make up the majority of my review and get to those images, eh? I can’t stress enough how much better these look on a Vita screen than they do on a computer screen. Keep that in mind.

The game comes with the DLC characters from the console versions, plus one new face, Relius Clover. For $40, you can enjoy as much as I have been lately. Check back for the full review soon.