Get Free 4GB Vita Memory Card with Wi-Fi Pre-Order [Update: Screen Protectors for 3G]

Original story:

When Target offered a buy-2-get-1-free deal on PlayStation Vita games, Amazon hurried to match it. The online mega-shop has now also scrambled to match Target’s hardware deal, which offers a free 4GB memory card for those that pre-order the system.

In order to get the bonus, log onto and put a Wifi PS Vita into your cart, as well as a 4-gig memory card. The card, which normally retails for $20, will show up as free.

This only applies to pre-orders though, so once the machine gets too close to street date, we might be kissing this sweet deal goodbye. If you were once the fence about getting a Vita in February, will this be what finally puts you over the edge? Or does it need yet another piece of outstanding software?