What We Want In The Next Vita Firmware Update

The Vita is a fantastic combination of hardware and software – but it’s not perfect. Hardware problems, like the short battery life and weak camera, can’t be fixed, but software issues can be solved with a simple firmware update. After playing with the Vita for a couple of months, here’s what we want in the next firmware update.


It’s rather odd that there isn’t an option to make folders on the Vita – the PS3 and PSP both have folders, as do iOS and Android devices. Folders would mean you could group your apps into one folder, your action games in another and racing games into yet another. At the moment, you can only display 10 games/apps per page, and have to swipe down to see more.

Switch of Once Downloaded:

As someone with less-than-stellar internet, downloading games, videos and demos always takes a good few hours. That’s why I love the PS3’s option to switch off the console once the download is over, a nice and simple feature that has helped me greatly. So it’s a shame that such a feature isn’t included on the Vita – especially considering the handheld has a limited battery life. With games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss weighing in at 2777MB, downloading can take quite a while, so such a feature would make perfect sense.

Change the Vita’s Menu Music:

The Vita’s menu music sucks, but thankfully you can turn it off. However, being able to change the music to something else would be a nice touch – Sony could even put game-themed music on the PS Store to choose instead of the awful noise it makes at the moment.

Proper Remote Play:

Full remote play might be a bit too much to ask for – even though hackers have managed it. But at least give us better remote play than the PSP – hell, even the heavily advertised Killzone 3 remote play isn’t ready yet. Sony has to be clearer about what the Vita can, and will be able to, do with remote play.

Turn off Vita Camera Sound:

A minor irritation, but an irritation nonetheless. Even if you mute the Vita, it will make a loud “Chhk” photo sound every time you take a snap, something that can be pretty annoying. The ability to turn the sound off would be a simple thing to patch in, and one that they’ll hopefully add in.

More Vita Compatible PSP Games:

Burnout, GTA, Lumines, NFL Street 2 Unleashed – tons of the PlayStation Portable’s games can’t be played on the Vita. Why? There might be a legitimate reason, but Sony’s not talking. Will I ever be able to play them on my Vita? I have no idea as Sony’s not talking. Either add more, or be honest about why games won’t be added.

Button Support:

A bunch of Sony apps like the browser and trophy viewer look perfectly designed for the Vita’s analog sticks and buttons – but aren’t. Sometimes, I don’t want to use a touch screen, and should have the option to use both – something I have on the Xperia Play.

Rear-Touch Support For The Browser:

The original Sony patent for a dual-touch handheld that we exclusively uncovered before the Vita was revealed described why Sony was patenting a rear-touchpad. One of the main reasons given was that using your fingers on your screen while reading a website meant that you ended up blocking whatever you were reading, and that the problem could be solved by stroking the back. Now the Vita is a reality, the concept seems to have been forgotten, but could be patched in later.

If you picked up a first edition Vita, won a Vita through PSLS, or imported, do you have any suggestions to add to the list? What would you like to see in the next firmware update? Share your thoughts in the comments below.