Important Apps We Want On The PlayStation Vita

As the Vita readies for a worldwide release, apps like Twitter and Flickr will finally be available on every store (although why they weren’t available last week considering they are on the JP store is baffling). But what else would we want to see on the app store? Read on to find out.

YouTube App:

The world’s biggest video site, filled with billions of cat videos, fail videos and game trailers, there’s a pretty high chance that you visit YouTube several times a week. But when I visited the main site on my Vita, I was greeted with “You need to upgrade your Adobe Flash Player to watch this video” – which was ironically an ad for the Vita. Not only should the browser be updated to work properly, a separate YT-focused app would be a great addition.

Hulu, Vudu, BBC iPlayer and Other VOD Apps:

Along with YouTube, other video on demand apps are extensively used on other mobile platforms. While the US and UK are getting a Netflix app, other apps like Hulu and Vudu and free ones like BBC iPlayer and 4OD would go a long way to making the Vita a fully-rounded multimedia player. Considering all the apps listed are on PS3, Sony has already made contact with the companies involved and should be able to negotiate a Vita release.


As Facebook and Twitter are already covered, the rapidly growing G+ should be too – especially considering the browser can’t post on G+ at all. For obvious reasons, a G+ app is the number one most requested Vita feature by PSLS’ G+ followers.

Digital Comic Reader App:

After Sony prematurely cut off support for the comic reader on PSP to look into other platforms, the logical next step is the Vita, where its better looking screen, touch capabilities and improved online capabilities make it perfectly suited to display comics. Sadly, Sony has yet to announce a comics reader for the Vita, but hopefully we’ll see one in the future.

Sony Reader App:

The whole point of the Sony Entertainment Network is to integrate all of Sony’s digital services, but Sony’s popular Reader app for mobiles and their Sony Readers is nowhere to be seen. The app would be an important part of their cross-platform synergy, as well as a nice treat for users of the Sony Reader system.

Google Goggles App:

A pretty nifty app that lets you scan barcodes, reverse Google image search, translate languages and even solve Sudoku. The inclusion of the app would make the camera useful outside of simply playing AR games.

News Reader Apps:

As some of the above apps suggest, the Vita’s browser is rather lacking. As such, adding something like the PSLS-compatible Pulse would mean that reading news on the Vita would be much easier, and far better.

Calender Apps:

Preferably the Google Calendar or another popular multiplatform app, calendar apps are increasingly used by people desperate to keep track of their busy lives. Having yet another system to remind me when I’m supposed to remember an anniversary is always be handy, and, as such, would make an important app.

PlayStation Suite:

How the PlayStation Vita and Suite will work together hasn’t been fully revealed by Sony, but its use would benefit the Suite by giving developers a bigger market, as well as benefiting Vita owners with more games. It’s also silly that I can play some PSOne games on an Xperia Play, but not the far more powerful Vita. This is certainly something that should be remedied soon.

Are there any apps you’d like to see on the Vita? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Apps we didn’t mention because they have already been announced and are coming – Skype and an Alarm Clock.