New, Less Groan-Inducing Tokyo Jungle Screens Released

Perhaps the screenshots shown last year were of the apocalyptic game Tokyo Jungle while in early development. Or maybe these are just more carefully-chosen screens. Whatever the case may be, some new images of the, now officially delayed, game have surfaced, which you can take a look at for yourself after the break.

This time around, the animals look perhaps a bit more detailed, but not by a whole lot. All vehicles appear to be grounded, and there are no levitating trucks to be found anywhere. There’s also a bear standing down a four-legged animal, which is possibly a dog (one of the main characters for the game’s story mode). This bear looks akin to a bouncer outside a night club. Except in the world of this game, of course, there are no more humans – at least, we haven’t seen any yet.

So have these screens helped or hurt the game’s chances of a sale in your eyes? The official website for the game has also been updated, and we now know the game supports up to two players, leaderboards, and Trophy and DLC support. Originally slated to be released sometime last year, Tokyo Jungle currently has a release date in Japan of June 7th, 2012.