The Most Beautiful Game of All Time Gets New Screens

May 27, 2011Written by Heath Hindman

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is now showing brand new screens of Tokyo Jungle, and if you’re like me, you’re thinking, “Thank God.”

These new screenshots look even better than the previous batch, really harnessing the power of the PlayStation 3 and showing its ability to deliver the very best in:

  • Pixelated shadows
  • Graphic overlap
  • Hovering stuff
  • Unexplained trees in the middle of concrete
  • A bunch of shit

I love the hyenas with helmets — I really do — but even more than that, I love the screenshot in which a helmet-clad hyena is seemingly trying to climb his way clear up a lion’s colon (second row down, third screen). I guess in that part of The Lion King when Scar complains to Simba’s mom, “Oh, these hyenas are always on my butt about something,” he was being literal. That part did make it into the final cut of the movie, right?

It gets even better when the deer show up. Who can’t enjoy the screen in the fourth row with the deer running? The John Deer tractor company uses the slogan, “Nothing runs like a Deer.” Perhaps Tokyo Jungle could use a slogan such as, “Nothing runs like that deer,” or “Deer don’t run like that.”

Look at the one with the shrubbery on top of a building — not out of place at all. I mean look at how it manages to not have a single blade of grass or patch of moss around it. This little patch of vegetation manages to be an obvious product of technology rather than some kind of crazy idea like it happened naturally. How awesome is that? Almost as awesome as the levitating the truck pulls off in a later screen.

The Greatest Game God Ever Crafted, also called Tokyo Jungle, will be available in Japan later this year.