The Amazing Spider-Man Swings Onto Consoles & Non-Vita Handhelds June 26th, Rhino Confirmed

The release date for The Amazing Spider-Man video game has been revealed. Also, a new trailer for the game has been released, confirming that a long-time Spider-Man villain will be in the game.

Game Informer reports that The Amazing Spider-Man, which takes place after the events of the upcoming film, will be released on June 26th. The game will be released on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS, and 3DS.

A trailer for the game was also released on IGN, which confirms that classic Spider-Man villain Rhino will be in the game. The trailer is mostly comprised of three different scenes throughout: a bank robbery, Spider-Man fighting Rhino in some kind of laboratory area, and him web-slinging. A child can be heard humming “Itsy Bitsy Spider” at various points throughout it. Spider-Man is also shown taking down enemies in fast and fluid combat, wrapping an enemy up in web fluid, and more. The trailer closes with Rhino throwing an enormous slab of stone at Spider-Man, followed by the logo, release date, and the child finishing humming “Itsy Bitsy Spider.”

To view the “Rhino Reveal Trailer,” click on the video below:

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