Sony Can’t Produce Enough PS2s and PSPs to Meet Demand

We here at PSLS might be all excited about the PS Vita (and beyond), but as a high-priced machine, with full priced titles, some gamers have decided to pick up Sony’s last-gen machines to gain access to a huge library of budget titles. Apparently, demand is so high for the older platforms that Sony can’t even keep up with PS2 and PSP supplies.

SCEA Boss Jack Tretton was asked by Forbes whether the PSP would still receive support and future games, and replied:

The PSP will continue to sell on at $129. Right now there is more demand for PSP than there is production capacity… that is pretty much truth with the PlayStation 2 as well. PlayStation 2 will continue to sell as long as we can build it profitably and there is an audience for it, and PSP will follow that same trend.

Interestingly, Tretton doesn’t actually say whether the PSP will receive more games. What is also interesting is his statement regarding PSP and PS2 demand in the US – considering neither devices have made any serious impact on the NPD sales charts in years, how many old consoles are Sony actually producing? With both devices being sold at a profit after years of manufacturing improvements and cost cutting changes, it does seem odd that Sony isn’t making enough to keep up with all the PS2 and PSP-hungry gamers.

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