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Kojima Debuts the Power of the Fox Engine, Asks “is it Real or is it Fox?”

Hideo Kojima has been working on a new game engine for some time now and has shown off the power of this new tech quite sparingly. That is why it is so exciting to report that the Metal Gear mastermind has released a handful of new images that truly display the power of his new game engine.

It is clear that the Fox Engine aims to blur the lines between game and reality as the images below prove that photorealism in gaming is not far off. In a side-by-side comparison, actual photos are compared to digital images rendered in real time on this new engine. Can you tell which is real and which is Fox?

If you guessed correctly, the Fox Engine images are found in column B. Upon close examination, it isn’t quite as difficult to discern between the two, but considering that it is running in real time and looks strikingly similar to the photos in column A, it’s pretty impressive to say the least.

With recent rumors suggesting that a new Metal Gear Solid is in development (with a US studio), it will be exciting to see how Kojima’s new engine will be able to take the franchise to new heights.