Kojima Productions Looking for New Talent for Next MGS Title, “Targeted” for Multiple Platforms

Even though Kojima has told fans time and time again that his work on the Metal Gear Solid franchise has come to an end, it turns out that there is another one in the works. Kojima Productions is currently calling this title the “Next” MGS – which could possibly become Metal Gear Solid 5: [insert subtitle] – and is seeking talented developers to come on board.

On Konami’s GDC career page, the job listings are detailed alongside confirmation that the title will be “targeted for high-end consoles and PC.” While Kojima has made it pretty clear that he plans to move away from console exclusives with the debut of the Fox Engine, I’m sure there was still a sliver of hope in PlayStation fans’ minds that MGS5 would be a PlayStation exclusive.

The listing points out the studio’s need for project engineers to work directly with this new MGS, as well as other skilled engineers who will be working directly with the FOX Engine. For specific details, including a long list of all the open positions, check out the official page right here.

You will also notice that the headline of the page reads “BIG BOSS WANTS YOU!” which would leave one to believe that this next adventure will put gamers back in the shoes of the legendary Naked Snake, who is not to be confused with his cloned offspring Solid, Liquid and Solidus.

For more information on this next major title from Kojima, keep it locked to PlayStation LifeStyle.