Harmonix Pledges to Continue Support for Rock Band With “No Plans to Stop… Anytime Soon”

While music-rhythm developer Harmonix is working on a new downloadable game, they haven’t forgotten about their loyal Rock Band fan base, as the team plans to continue to support the series with new songs every week for the foreseeable future.

Speaking to Joystiq at GDC, John Drake, the director of communications at Harmonix said that they are happy with the continued support they see for the franchise, so they will keep on supporting it as long as there is a demand for content.

We’ve delivered over four years of weekly DLC and over 3500 songs for the music platform, and we have no plans to stop weekly releases any time soon.

Fans can tell us what songs they want by visiting our new Rock Band Dashboard Facebook App and voting for their favorite artists using the built-in Wishlist feature.

Harmonix went on to confirm that Rock Band 4 will not be launching this year.