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Yakuza Black Panther 2 Screens, Demo Released

On the 22nd of this month, Japan will get its second handheld Yakuza game, in the form of Black Panther 2. It’s not scheduled for launch outside of Japan at this time, but we’ve got a bunch of screenshots for you anyway.

The next Yakuza game that North America will get is Yakuza: Dead Souls for PS3, a review of which can be read here.

The Japanese PlayStation Network store has recently been updated to include a rather detailed demo of Black Panther 2. Players can explore a decent-sized portion Osaka (a departure from the Tokyo setting Yakuza games have usually been set in), check out a hostess bar, sample the fighting system, see the story’s introductory moments, and even fight the first boss.

Incredibly few websites have a review of the first Black Panther game, but you just happen to be reading one of them right now, so here you go.