Exclusive Vita Screens: Gravity Rush

Sony Japan’s Gravity Rush is easily the best game I’ve played on PS Vita to this point (and I’ve played a hell of a lot of games on this thing). While I can’t put a time frame on it yet, I’ll review it eventually — not gonna do that without clearing the sucker. To help show you what all is in this game, I’ve taken a whole bunch of screenshots from my play sessions.

You’ll notice some pairs of screens below look very similar to each other; that’s because they were taken while holding the Vita at different angles. Some story segments unfold comic book-style, and if the Vita is rotated at all during those times, the image will adjust accordingly. It’s neat at times, but kind of annoying if you’re adjusting your position on the couch/bus/train/any of various chairs.

But no matter, as this is more than balanced out by the feeling of leaping off a bridge, falling for like seven seconds, then hitting R to stop in mid air and look around at where you‘ll decide the new gravity will be. Here are the shots:

Be careful when taking shots of your own in this game. If you accidently hit the Start button a little more quickly than the PS button, you’ll skip a story sequence altogether; I’ve not found a way to replay them. Gravity Daze, as it’s known in its native land, was Japan’s best-selling Vita game in February, and will hopefully be met with the success it deserves upon its June 12th release in North America.