Japanese Retailer Tsutaya’s 10 Best Selling Vita Games for February

Here are February’s top 10 best-selling Vita games, according to ginormous Japanese retailer Tsutaya.

They may not be selling like hot cakes compared to other systems’ software, but it’s interesting to see which Vita games are shifting the most units in gaming’s motherland.

1. Gravity Daze

2. Ragnarok Odyssey

3. Tales of Innocence-R

4. Good People Die

5. Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus

6. Hot Shots Golf 6

7. Dynasty Warriors Next

8. Disgaea 3 Return

9. Uncharted: Golden Abyss

10. Lord of Apocalypse

When it was released on Febrary 2nd, Gravity Daze (to be called Gravity Rush abroad) made its debut as the #1 Vita game of the time and held on to also be the best seller of the month. It did so by taking top PSV honors in each individual week of the month. It’ll come stateside on the 12th of June.