Nomura Discusses Final Fantasy Versus XIII Reveal Delay

Square-Enix’s Tetusya Nomura has recently shed some light on the progress of the long-awaited Final Fantasy Versus XIII. While an impending demonstration is nearly ready to be shown, for some reason of which he has chosen not to disclose, it has been delayed.

Speaking to Japanese gaming outlet Famitsu, Nomura explained that the nearly completed demo won’t be shown any time soon because of “totally unrelated” circumstances. While a delay like this has got to be frustrating for the development team that has been plugging away on this game for over five years, fans too are beginning to grow increasingly impatient.

The quality of the Final Fantasy franchise has been dwindling with each subsequent installment, which is incredibly unfortunate and certainly doesn’t bode well for the eventual release of Versus XIII. At this point, I’m sure many fans – like myself – just want them to get this game out the door so that work can begin on the next Kingdom Hearts. Am I right?