Next Title From Starbreeze Dubbed Cold Mercury, Both AAA and Free-to-Play

If you happen to be a fan of Syndicate developer Starbreeze’s work and can’t wait to get in on what they are doing next, we’ve got some exciting news, as the studio has confirmed that their next project, dubbed Cold Mercury, will not only be AAA, but also free-to-play.

Some of you may recall that late last year, word got out that the developer was working on a PSN title alongside the first-person shooter, and we haven’t heard about it since. Could this free-to-play game somehow be related?

Both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace have been criticized in the past for being resistant toward accommodating the rapidly evolving marketing schemes found in the PC gaming world, but perhaps this is a sign that platform holders are getting with the times.

Regardless, here’s what the studio’s CEO Mikel Nermark had to say about the upcoming game and the future of the development team after news broke that the studio had downsized:

Starbreeze will not leave the AAA segment.

We are discussing with several leading game publisher on publisher financed games, but we will broaden our product portfolio of games in the new business models and segments that have arisen in the games industry. I am convinced that Starbreeze will be successful with the new games.

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