PlayStation Visual Arts hit with layoffs

PlayStation Visual Arts AAA Multiplayer Team Hit With Layoffs

PlayStation developers continue to be hit with layoffs. The latest round has impacted PlayStation Visual Arts, which was working on an unannounced AAA multiplayer game. Over the last month, Sony partners have reduced their headcounts due to project restructuring and at least one reported cancelation of a PS5 game.

PlayStation Visual Arts layoffs may be linked to The Last of Us multiplayer

According to a LinkedIn post published by former PS Visual Arts dev, John Borba, the layoffs were due to “a large pivot” on a AAA multiplayer game. “There was some restructuring within our studio and I was among the people let go to support the new budgetary needs,” he added.

In October 2022, job listings revealed that PS Visual Arts was working on a mystery project with Naughty Dog. Last week, reports emerged that The Last of Us multiplayer game is being reevaluated and its team is being downsized.

Borba’s LinkedIn post suggests that the project he was working on wasn’t shelved. His statement came shortly after Naughty Dog stated that it’ll continue to work on The Last of Us multiplayer despite further delays, so it’s quite possible that the AAA multiplayer game Borba is referring to is The Last of Us multiplayer.

Sony has maintained silence about the recent layoffs. However, the company did reveal that it was restructuring projects when it confirmed the closure of Concrete Genie developer Pixelopus.