Gearbox Reveals Character Customization System and New Class for Borderlands 2

Developer Gearbox Software had a lot of new and exciting Borderlands 2 information to reveal at this year’s PAX, including a brand-new character class called the Mechromancer and a fully fleshed out character customization system.

The Mechromancer, a female character that appears to be part human, part machine is still in the early stages of development and won’t make it out in time for the game’s release. So, as one might expect, this new class will be made available to gamers willing to pony up the extra cash post launch. Playing as this class will allow players to control Deathtrap, a large robot companion. As a bonus for those who pre-order the game, the Mecromancer will be available for download free of charge.

Gearbox also discussed the new character customization system, pointing out that players will be able to earn new gear and aesthetic accessories (including custom heads!) by completing various missions and challenges within the game. Those that played the original Borderlands will receive an exclusive head and skin as a way of Gearbox saying thanks to its loyal fans.

Look for Borderlands 2 in stores this September.