FFXIII-2 DLC: Coliseum Opponents, Ezio Costume For Noel, & New Serah Outfit

Square Enix has announced new downloadable content for Final Fantasy XIII-2 that’s available today.

The first DLC comes in the form of new coliseum opponents, Gilgamesh (Final Fantasy V version) and PuPu (an alien from Final Fantasy VIII). Gilgamesh has been described as an opponent who should pose a more difficult challenge to players when compared to previously released opponents. Gilgamesh will cost $3.99 or 320 Microsoft Points, whereas PuPu will cost $1.99 or 160 Microsoft Points.

FFXIII-2 character Noel will be gaining the costume of Assassin’s Creed character Ezio Auditore as optional outfit DLC. The Ezio costume will cost $2.99 or 240 Microsoft Points.

Serah will be gaining an optional outfit as well called “Style and Steel,” which was designed by Yuko Oshima, a member of Japanese music group AKB48. Her outfit will be available free of charge.

To view the Ezio Auditore costume video, click on the video below:

To view screenshots of the DLC, click on the Media Gallery below:

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