Resident Evil 2 Is Getting a New Mode and Classic Costumes as DLC

With Resident Evil 2‘s release date mere days away, it’s about that time when many start to look at what will come after its launch. While we haven’t heard any word on story DLC yet, though it is apparently being discussed, we will see some new content coming to Resident Evil 2 in the near future. An all new mode that appears to have some rogue-like elements will be coming post-launch, though a date is not confirmed.

Known as “The Ghost Survivors,” the mode will come via a free update. Not a lot was revealed about this mode, but it was confirmed there will be multiple playable characters. Characters confirmed so far include everyone’s favorite gun shop owner, Robert Kendo, and Katherine Warren, the ill-fated daughter of Raccoon City Mayor Michael Warren. As of right now, neither Leon Kennedy nor Claire Redfield, the main protagonists of Resident Evil 2, have been confirmed to be playable in this mode.

The gameplay of the mode itself has not been detailed at this time. It will contain some elements of randomization, though what that entails wasn’t made entirely clear yet. You will earn points within the mode that you can later use to purchase various items. A launch date for this new mode was not given.

Resident Evil 2 will also be getting some cosmetic DLC, though this will be available at launch. While we already know Claire and Leon’s original outfits will be available, this takes it a step further. This recreates the original models of Resident Evil 2, polygons and all. Starting on January 25th, you’ll be to purchase DLC cards that contain a code for the costumes. However, they will be free to all players on March 22nd. The stream used PSN cards as an example, but it’s unknown if they are platform-exclusive.

Resident Evil 2 will release on January 25, 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: VG247]