SSX Tricky Puzzle Teases Potential DLC for SSX

EA is teasing SSX fans on Facebook with hints that SSX Tricky themed content is headed to their latest installment in the popular snowboarding franchise.

On the official SSX Facebook page, Electronic Arts has revealed a puzzle for fans that appears to be related to an impending DLC announcement. You’ll notice that the puzzle is not yet complete, as EA has stated that “members of the SSX community have been finding pieces of a puzzle in their email”.

From what we can gather from the image thus far, it resembles the colorful style of SSX Tricky and even shows Elise in her classic costume from the 2001 classic. The fireworks and bright aesthetic are also clear indications that whatever this puzzle is in reference to, it’s likely Tricky related.

Considering the love that fans have for the more lighthearted take on the franchise, there’s a good chance that this puzzle is in fact a teaser for upcoming SSX Tricky DLC. Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle, as we’ll be sure to keep you updated on any impending SSX related announcements.