EA Teases Battlefield V Reveal on May 23, Found Through Secret Easter Egg in Battlefield 1

It seems that very few big games can escape being leaked in some form or another. We’ve already seen early reports of Battlefield V that have confirmed the title of the game and its World War II setting. Thanks to a long-hidden Easter egg in Battlefield 1 that led to an EA website ea.com/neverbethesame, fans now know that EA will be giving more information on the next Battlefield on May 23.

Battlefield 1’s Easter egg was actually a time-gated puzzle to solve that wasn’t possible until recently. A locked door in the Fort de Vaux map became accessible after an update added buttons poking through posters in various locations on the map. Pressing these buttons in the correct order opens the room, which appears relatively unimpressive at first glance. The big secret in here is that the leaking ceiling pipes are dripping in Morse code, which spelled out the Battlefield V reveal URL, literally leaking the reveal. It looks like the developers have a sense of humor.

The website itself doesn’t tell us much. The background is a simple blue with May 23, 2018 and #battlefield on it. There are  In fact, it doesn’t even say that Battlefield V is the name. Clicking on the Twitter and Facebook links allow you to share the page with the quote “On May 23, Battlefield will never be the same.” The Facebook share includes an image of a white horse (seen at the top of this page).

Interestingly, the Battlefield slogan is quite similar to Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s “Forget what you know.” Treyarch’s game will be revealed on May 17, just five days ahead of the Battlefield V reveal.

EA’s recent investor call allowed us a few more Battlefield V details. CEO Andrew Wilson shared a brief statement on the upcoming game.

“With our next Battlefield game, the team at DICE is bringing the intensity of combat to life in new and unexpected ways. Every battle is unique, and every mode brings its own challenges – from the way you interact with the environment around you, to compelling single-player stories, to the next level of large-scale multiplayer that spans across multiple maps and modes.”

Wilson talks about “single-player stories,” both confirming that the game will have a traditional single-player, and that Battlefield 1’s multi-story campaign style will make a return in the newest entry.

Are you excited to learn more with the Battlefield V reveal later this month?

[Source: Eurogamer]